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WE HAVE NOW PASSED the six months to 50 mark!    This is the final countdown to my 50th birthday and my end goal of being perfectly fit and healthy when I turn 50.   I can do this!

I spent some time getting super organized for the next six months of blogging.  I’ll be posting according to this weekly schedule:

Saturdays — Bread baking & recipes
Sundays — Soup recipes
Wednesdays — Vegetable recipes
Thursdays — Fruit recipes
Fridays — Fitness reporting

And my hope is that some of you will jump on and report your fitness activities for each week in the comments section. Either way, you’ll hear about all I did (or didn’t) do for exercise every seven days.

I’ve already found 35 delicious soup recipes and I’ll make one every Soupy Sunday, just like we did early in the year. I’ve also bought Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, the second book by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. I don’t know about you, but months of fall and winter weekends filled with fresh-baked bread and homemade soup sound completely heavenly to me. I can’t wait to get started!

The Facebook page is still going strong — I hope you can recommend it to your friends!!   I usually post links and share videos and recipes on the page.   We also get photos posted from our friends on the page, along with links to the wall, which anyone can post at any time.   I’m all about sharing ideas, information and recipes.

I’m also still going strong on Twitter (@14monthsto50), approaching 900 followers, which I know is total babydom in Twitworld, but for me it seems like a big deal.  All I know is so much information passes over Twitter every day that I’m still astounded by it!   I love it as an information-sharing source. 

On the weight and fitness front:  I’ve lost 17 lbs. since I started this blog in January.  I want to lose at least 10 pounds more, and you know how that goes.  When I get there, I’ll probably want to lose a few more.  I’m so happy with my improved diet and health — this has truly been a lifestyle change and it is something I completely prefer.   I wish I could make everyone eat the way I do!  

I’ll be back here tomorrow with a veggie dish or two, some photos (if I can remember how my camera works) and we’ll kick this thing off!!   See ya then.   And thank you all so much for sticking with me through my hiatus — love ya!

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THIS PAST WEEKEND HAS BEEN busy and has spilled over into this new week, starting with a trip to the nearby Moore’s Farmers Market on Thursday.  My friend Marcie lives up there and she took me around to introduce me to some of her new farmer friends.  I had a great time!  I also came away with some good zucchini, other types of squash, and onions.   I love the freshness of the food just brought in from someone’s farm!    Two of the farmers gave me info on their farms, which are open to the public — I can’t wait to go visit.  An Oklahoma winery was also set up there, and I grabbed their info on the way out, for yet another field trip. 

After some quick planning, I managed to get my act together for planting some vegetables and herbs.  I had my beds all prepared, but no plants.   I made a quick run to the local Lowe’s and grabbed a thyme plant, rosemary plant, and organic seeds for two types of tomatoes, two types of lettuce, bell peppers, and basil (omg I love basil).   Yesterday I got the plants into the beds, and all of the seed into trays.  (Side note:  Lowe’s also has a couple of different organic soils.)   The lettuce seed is unplanted as of yet, since it is sown directly outdoors and just sprinkled with soil.  We had a gully washer today, and I didn’t want my little babies washed away.   I’ll likely spread the lettuce seed tomorrow.    Once I get the plants hardy enough to move outdoors, I want to fill in spaces with plants that attract bees and butterflies.  I’ve posted a lot of good gardening links for homemade bug sprays and other things on my facebook page. I hope you can have a look and “Like” the page.

I took Sunday to begin planning a good schedule for this blog, and I am working on some ideas for a couple of new blogs (can’t wait!)  Tomorrow will be one more day of planning, and then food shopping, before I get back into the full swing of things. 

Tonight I threw together this soup for dinner:

Lisa’s Farmer’s Market Soup

32 oz. organic vegetable broth

1 cup broccoli heads

1 1/2 medium zucchini, sliced

2 carrots, sliced

1/4 white onion, chopped

1 cup cooked whole grain brown rice

Cracked black pepper & thyme to taste

Cook the rice ahead and put aside (check package, can take 45 minutes to an hour).  Into a saucepan or skillet, pour broth and add all  vegetables.  Add pepper and thyme,  and bring to boil until carrots are softened.    Stir in the cooked rice and serve hot.

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I MADE A SOUP FOR lunch today – an experiment that ended up tasting pretty good.   I call it Broccoli Carrot Thyme Soup:

Olive oil

1 c. broccoli tops, cut up

2 carrots, sliced

3 stalks celery, sliced or chopped

Thyme, salt and pepper to taste

2 cloves garlic, minced

16 oz. vegetable broth

Put everything except the broth into a skillet, use the olive oil for drizzing, then saute everything for 5 minutes.  Then add the broth to the mix and bring to a boil.  Reduce flame and simmer until the carrots are tender.  I then take a potato masher and smash up about half the vegetables, still in the skillet.   Serve warm.

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I ALSO COOKED JAMIE OLIVER’S Creamy Asparagus Soup today.  My house smells so onion-y and asparagus-y.  

My favorite cooking aroma, always, is the smell of onions, celery, and pepper sauteing in a pan.  That’s how this recipe starts, so right away you know it’s good.  Here’s what you need to get started:

Two bunches of asparagus

1 large white onion

3 stalks of celery (I added one to Jamie’s recipe)

2 leeks

Vegetable stock or broth

Chop the celery (I remove the threads), leeks and onion, put into a large skillet, drizzle with olive oil and saute until soft but not browning.  I cooked mine on very low heat to prevent carmelization.  In the meantime, cut the tips off of your asparagus stalks and cut up the stalks.  I only use a little less than the top half of the stalk, you do what you want.  My rule is if the knife meets resistance when cutting the asparagus, I’ve gone too far.  

I ended up with about three cups of stalk, and one cup of asparagus tips.   After the onions have cooked about 10 minutes, add the asparagus stalks to the pan and pour vegetable broth over to cover.  I used a 32 ounce box of broth.  Cover and simmer 20 minutes with the lid on to soften the asparagus.  Spoon the mixture into a blender and puree.  Season lightly with salt and pepper to taste.  I always salt and pepper my onions when they are cooking, so I didn’t add any addition salt or pepper at this point. 

Return the puree to the pan, add in the asparagus tips and boil 10 minutes until the tips are soft.  I covered the pan and let it simmer 10 minutes before the tips were soft enough.   Serve hot – Jamie serves his with toast and poached eggs.   This is a delicious soup.  I know I’ll make it time and time again.

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HERE ARE SOME REALLY GOOD looking recipes from Jamie Oliver for Meatless Monday: 

Carrots Thyme Cumin & Orange Butter

Cool Mexican Bean Wraps 

Creamy Asparagus Soup with a Poached Egg  

My rule of thumb when reading Jamie’s recipes in metric measurements is to substitute the word “some” for any measurement I don’t understand.  In other words, 800g of asparagus?  Some asparagus.   I mean we’re all cooks here, just go get some asparagus!   

Let me know if you cook any of these.

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I AM GOING TO TRY TO cook all of these in the next two weeks:

Lentil Soup 

Barley Veg Soup 

I love barley in soup!

Both recipes above are from the About.com Vegetarian Food page.

A crockpot soup recipe:

Cuban Black Bean Soup  

Wow, this soup looks good!

Jamaican Red Bean Stew

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I WAS SO BUSY HAVING  Bread-y Saturday that I overlooked Soupy Sunday and now here it is Meatless Monday!!  Back later with catch-up recipes!

Mood Mug says, "Oh noooooo!"

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