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 . . . does it take to make someone feel not-so-bad about baking three loaves of not-so-hot bread?   According to my numbers, 176.    Croutons, anyone?   And no, I didn’t count the breadcrumbs. 


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I JUST SPENT SOME TIME LOOKING at vegetarian slow cooker recipes, but I’ve yet to find one that I couldn’t just cook on the stovetop in about 30 minutes.   Today I’m going to settle on a couple of bread recipes and bake them.  I’m going to bake one loaf in the oven, and one loaf in the bread machine, two different recipes.   I can’t wait to play with different types and combinations of flour.

I’m just sitting here at the computer, in a daze, with my coffee.   I also need to plan my food for the next week or so and get groceries bought.   Since I’m out of food right now, I think I need to phone a friend for lunch — then I can have the strength to food shop.   If I shop hungry, I don’t do the typical buy-everything-in-the-store binge shopping, I buy two things then race home to feed myself.  Not good. 

So food and bread ingredients are my goals today.

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