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I just received my very first giveaway prize ever and wow!!   For a first-timer this is quite exciting.   I had entered a giveaway with The Kathleen Show for an amazing basket of organic food goodness from Nature’s Path Organics, never ever expecting to win one of five baskets.   But I did!   Today the fab gift arrived and it’s amazing!

As you can see the foods were packed on a gorgeous bamboo tray, and there was even a reusable shopping bag enclosed!  I’ve already tried the Blueberry Toaster Pastries and they were sooooo good.  I now have health bars, cereals, granolas, oatmeal and some great looking organic foods made for kids that I can ship to my grandson.   My breakfasts just became a lot more interesting.  

Thank you again (very much) to The Kathleen Show and to Nature’s Path Organics for such a delightful giveaway.  I couldn’t have asked for a better first time! 


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I’m a big fan of breakfast.  If I had to eat only one meal a day, that’s the one I would choose.   It just gets me going and gives me energy for most of the day, I would say.   So why not do a week of breakfasts?!  Yeah!  

Today I’m starting off with a very easy one:  leftover veggies in scrambled eggs.  This is what I eat almost every morning.  Today I’m having some mushrooms, green onion, and asparagus in my eggs.   I just saute the onion and mushroom in olive oil while the asparagus is microwaved for about a minute, until all are soft.   Then I put the asparagus into the skillet, cracked a couple of eggs over it and scrambled it up a bit.  I like to salt it and pepper it before it’s done cooking, so the flavors are better distributed.    This particular veggie combo was delightful.  (And my coffee isn’t all that bad this morning, either – Mood Mug is happy. ) 

Oh what a beautiful Moooorning! Oh what a beautiful day . . .

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Yeah, it’s 6:00 a.m. and I’ve been up for an hour.  What else would I do but talk to you, dear reader?  I’m thinking about making coffee and eating, but don’t want to really start my meals this early.   It is very cold here though, low 20s, so I think I’ll make some hot tea with some of the agave nectar, and this will be my first taste of it.  

Back in a few, putting the kettle on.

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As tedious as it may be, I’m going to record my eating plan for this week.   I was on this plan for three weeks, then the last few days have been a bit chaotic in the kitchen.  Time to get back to the original plan:

Breakfast –  Omelet with veggies, coffee with a tiny bit of sugar

Morning Snack – Apple or pear with cinnamon and nuts

Lunch – Soup and salad

Afternoon Snack – Same as morning snack

Dinner – Chicken or soup and cooked veggies

There!  Now that’s simple enough – who couldn’t follow that?   And tonight I will report to you about my exercise. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, a delicious cup of coffee is calling my name.

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After shopping I was really hungry, so I threw my omelet together with some Healthy Omelet bell pepper, red onion, and mushrooms.   I had a new coffee mug to try out, and some new fresh coffee beans in my favorite cinnamon hazelnut roast.   I usually do eat at the computer these days — don’t worry, I’ve learned my lesson about liquids on keyboards, which is why I now use a cordless keyboard with my laptop (it was soup, if you must know).   Here’s a shot of today’s breakfast then I have to run — going to my dad’s farm today.

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