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I WAS SO BUSY HAVING  Bread-y Saturday that I overlooked Soupy Sunday and now here it is Meatless Monday!!  Back later with catch-up recipes!

Mood Mug says, "Oh noooooo!"

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WE HAVE A FRESH NEW WEEK and so many possibilities!   I’ve started the day listening to music and drinking chai.  The birds are tweeting outside the open windows while I type things online to my imaginary (sorry, that’s you) friends.   I’m going to spend the morning finding new recipes for Meatless Monday, even though most of my days are meatless.  And when I tire of recipes, I’m going to dig deep into my music collection and put together a nice mix for walking and biking.   You know how that goes . . . you start off reading song titles and you end up spending hours with your fav tunes.   Doesn’t that sound great?    To me it does.   I’ll be back with the list later.  Mmmmm . . . smell that chai and fresh air . . .

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