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AFTER A MORNING OF PLANNING and an afternoon of shopping, the Big Bread Bake has been postponed until tomorrow.  But, as I tweeted earlier, the weather is going to be cooler tomorrow, so it will be just right for baking.  As for now, I am restocked on fruit, vegetables, nuts, juice, veggie broth, and I got some whole wheat pasta (rotini and spaghetti).   It’s the whole wheat grainy kind, but I’m excited about the two sauces-in-a-jar that I found to have on the pasta. 

Both sauces are from Archer Farms and one is Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta Sauce, the other is Artichoke Pasta Sauce.  The ingredients for the Sun-Dried Tomato are: tomato pulp, sun dried tomatoes, EVOO, Seat Salt, onion, garlic, chile pepper, black pepper.   The Artichoke Sauce is made of:  tomato pulp, artichokes, sea salt, EVOO, onions, carrots, basil, parsley.   Those are the only ingredients, so they look like good wholesome sauces.   I think next time I’ll try to recreate these myself, even though it’s great to have these on-hand in jars for fast food laziness. 

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I have errands to run and since the weather is sooooo nice, I want to walk today.  That pilates circle is staring at me, too, so I guess I’ll do that routine after my walk.   And I am, once again, out of food.  Back to the grocery store I go.

This time I will be sure to get all the pricing for all those things organic.  Then I can really track my food spending for you.   OK, off to watch Dr. Oz – he has the most informative show!

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I’m Back With a Vengeance

After two days of either feeling blah or just being busy, I’ve returned to you, my dear reader.   My groceries had been, um, disappearing and I was living on nuts and apples for a couple of days it seemed.   But I’ve restocked, watched Food, Inc.  (finally), bought “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan, and I’m PUMPED about exercising tomorrow.

Tonight because I was feeling physically weak, I went out to eat barbeque with a friend.  I tried to work the meal as best I could, ordering cole slaw (had to weigh that against green beans with fat in them) and pinto beans for sides.  After having the mayo-coated, sugary slaw, I’ve decided next time I will get green beans.   And when I get the brisket I can control the sauce used (bbq sauce = sugar), so brisket it is.   Confession:   I ate the middle out of the Texas toast — but I had to!  All that buttery grilled toasty white flour goodness?   It was impossible to resist.  But I know I have progressed because that middle-of-a-piece-of-bread made me as happy as if I had eaten cake. 

What else do I know?  I know I’m losing weight, my pants are baggy.  But I’m waiting to measure and weigh for another week.  I want to see the impact, not some day-to-day fluctuation that means nothing.   So let’s see, I think Friday, February 19 is when I will see if I’ve accomplished anything at all (other than totally revamping the food I eat!). 

I’ll see you at breakfast — mmmmm coffee.

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