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There’s nothing quite like a late brunch or an afternoon breakfast.   Today I had a lazy morning, so I decided on a two p.m. brekkie.   My Facebook friends helped me choose a meal and everyone was curious about a nice poached egg and salmon delight.  

I hadn’t poached an egg in quite some time so I first found some good web instructions at WikiHow: Poach an Egg.   I followed the instructions exactly and my egg was just perfect in 4 minutes flat. The egg was firm and shiny, with a nice film over the yolk (which I messed up dabbing to dry it – oops), and the shape couldn’t have been better. According to the article, swirling the water when you poach not only controls the shape of the egg after it’s in the water, but cools the water below boiling, to 160-180F degrees — said to be the perfect range.

I toasted a nice five inch wheat flatbread, slid the egg onto it, and topped it with a roll of smoked salmon. Then I put another roll of salmon to the side — I have to be honest: when the smoked salmon is brought out, I need someone to cut me off after a few pieces.  I have a real “thing” for smoked salmon, which I prefer on a wheat cracker with yellow mustard (one moment while I reflect – ahhhhh).    After placing the smoked salmon, I sprinkled cracked pepper over the entire thing and put some extra pepper around the plate.  I also sprinkled dried thyme over the center.  I initially used so much pepper for the photo, but I ended up dragging every bite through it.  With the saltiness of the salmon, the pepper really added that necessary oomph!  to the flavor. 

I really like these flavor combinations.  The bread had a tiny bit of butter on it (organic of course), which helped keep it from being too dry.  When I make this again for myself, I won’t bother with the bread, however.   If I serve it to guests I would keep the bread, it makes for a nice appearance. 

I’m very happy with this recipe!   I really love the salmon/egg union with the salt, thyme and pepper.

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