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Here’s a look at the organic blue corn flaxseed chips made by Archer Farms.   The flavor is a strong corn flavor, and the Healthy Whole Grain Chips for Weight Loss & Nutritionchips are very thick but light and crispy.  They are salted but only lightly – I would be surprised if these were too salty for anyone.    They were a perfect partner for the peach salsa I had on hand, but regular salsa would also compliment them.  My big challenge will be keeping my hand out of that bag.


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I prepared my feast for the game, the Pear Walnut Sandwich and Multi-bean Chili from Cooking Light, and a Kashi Roasted Vegetable thin crust pizza.   I also picked up some blue corn flaxseed chips (delish!) and those were served with some peach salsa, which was pretty spicy, but oh soooo good.  

I had never bought Kashi pizza before, and it was temptingly aromatic as it baked.  The flavor didn’t disappoint either.   I had made a big pot of the chili but really no one could finish their chili after eating everything else.  The sandwiches were just as I expected them to be:  crunchy dense bread with a raisin here and there, chewy walnuts in a light cream cheese, then the juicy fresh pear and sprouts giving it just enough moisture.    With the sweet tasting sandwiches and the peach salsa, I felt like I was having desert for my entire meal.   My living room is evidently darker than it appears to the naked eye, my photos of the food are too dark, but by the time I discovered the problem the food was gone. 

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SuperBowl Super Bowl SnacksJust for you!    If you are looking for some new and different football snacks to make this Super Bowl weekend (that won’t send you running for antacids later),  have a look at these websites.   I can’t get the Pear-Walnut Sandwich (from Cooking Light) out of my head.

8 Different 5-Ingredient Sandwiches 

Oatmeal Fig Walnut Bars 

Copycat Chipotle Corn Salsa 

Hearty Multi-Bean Chili 
Let me know if you try any of these!

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