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I’m going to be tough on myself from now until July 4 – no salt and no sugar — at all — ever.  

Eating only unprocessed foods, I think the salt part will be easy.  I just have to avoid shaking it onto anything.   The sugar part though . . . that involves giving up coffee.   So I supposed I should say I am giving up salt, sugar and coffee until July 4.    There is just something missing in my weight loss program.  This month I wanted to lose 10 lbs by July 1, and I’ve lost zero pounds.   I need an extra boost, since I’m already moderately exercising and I’m not eating anything that’s even close to being bad in any way. 

I’ll report back here after one week to let you know how it has gone.


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I had serious issues with waking up this morning.  I didn’t even have enough energy to make coffee until I was awake for an hour. 

Today’s omelet was ok — made with green bell pepper, mushrooms, red onion, three eggs whites and one yolk.   I think I used a little bit too much olive oil to saute the vegetables, and that seemed to be a dominant flavor (frown).   I also had two cups of coffee with a bit of skim milk and a tablespoon of raw sugar per cup. And that java was yummy, as always.

Probably my toughest challenge so far in this diet revitalization has been what to do about sugar.  I don’t eat much sugar anyway, unless I’m also eating a very fattening food that contains it, but I wasn’t sure if I could eliminate it altogether.   I decided to err on the side of moderation rather than abstinence.   I also decided to eliminate the artificial sweeteners in my life.  I’m still working on that one, as I have a glass or two of diet coke each day.  The plan is that next week I will switch to iced tea, and that I can drink unsweetened. 

I also read a bit about sweeteners and bought some agave nectar.  I just put a dab on my finger and even though it is purported to be sweeter than sugar, it seemed only mildly sweet to me.  Maybe brands differ.  I haven’t discovered a use for the agave nectar yet – do I have the nerve to put it in my coffee?  Eep!  Maybe I will try that this week, maybe tomorrow.  Not today.  I am loving my coffee far too much today.  

All of the sweeteners I have on hand now are honey, molasses (waves to my dad’s family LOL – omg don’t get me started), agave nectar, and raw sugar.  Has anyone used agave nectar?

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