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WHAT CAN I SAY about my Easter meal?   Just have a look:

The salmon came out just right – not over-cooked and still moist.  The dill was the perfect thing to season it with.  The deviled eggs were slightly dry and crumbly but still satisfied my craving for them.  They weren’t heavy at all, so I ate three — three halves, not three whole eggs.   The asparagus was al dente; the sweet potatoes were, well, sweet.   When that bottle of maple syrup runs out, it will be the last of two I brought back from Toronto.  What ever will I do then? 

I threw the asparagus stems into a pot with vegetable broth, garlic, white onion, carrot, and cauliflower, plus a little cracked pepper and sea salt, to make a nice soup base for later.

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I’ve eaten this salad three times today – what is wrong with me?!   I have to say it is very satisfying – made of spring greens, spinach, carrots (not baby ones either!), red bell pepper, white onion, zucchini, balsamic vinegar.   And, oh my goodness, I found some good organic salsa at Target:  Archer Farms Organic Chipotle Picante-Style Salsa.   So good with my blue corn flaxseed chips, which also happen to be organic.  Yay, for Archer Farms!    nutrition, diet, low-fat, healthy, salad

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Nutrition vegetarian cooking shoppingThese are great Season Produce Lists
to use when looking for organic produce grown close to home.  The closer to home the fruits and veggies are grown, the more nutrients they retain.   Use these lists to see what is in season — those things out of season are often shipped from long distances.     And as long as you are on the Organics.org website, check this Top 10 Reasons to go Organic.

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