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Dr. Oz 10 Weight Loss Commandments


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I have errands to run and since the weather is sooooo nice, I want to walk today.  That pilates circle is staring at me, too, so I guess I’ll do that routine after my walk.   And I am, once again, out of food.  Back to the grocery store I go.

This time I will be sure to get all the pricing for all those things organic.  Then I can really track my food spending for you.   OK, off to watch Dr. Oz – he has the most informative show!

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Yay!  One month down!   I am very satisfied with my progress so far:  I’ve lost 6 pounds and one inch off my waist.  Hurray!    I can see a slight change in the mirror, but of course I’m still waiting for that skinny girl to appear in front of me.  It will happen eventually, I’m sure of it.   I like the rate that I’m losing weight, too.  A good healthy loss of one or two pounds per week is more likely to stay off than a sudden weight loss.  I feel good about that.  And five pounds per month will add up quickly, and should only take me a few months to reach my goal.  

I still need to build more muscles and use those to help me burn calories.  I’m getting there, slowly.  I am inspired by the weight loss to increase the physical activity.  The good health is its own reward, and just makes me want to do more and become even stronger.

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As tedious as it may be, I’m going to record my eating plan for this week.   I was on this plan for three weeks, then the last few days have been a bit chaotic in the kitchen.  Time to get back to the original plan:

Breakfast –  Omelet with veggies, coffee with a tiny bit of sugar

Morning Snack – Apple or pear with cinnamon and nuts

Lunch – Soup and salad

Afternoon Snack – Same as morning snack

Dinner – Chicken or soup and cooked veggies

There!  Now that’s simple enough – who couldn’t follow that?   And tonight I will report to you about my exercise. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, a delicious cup of coffee is calling my name.

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Here I am making my plans for Super Bowl Sunday and a football game that I really don’t care about.   Of course, the tv will be on and, yes, I’ll be tuned to the Big Game — otherwise I’m sure I would be escorted right out of North America under some sort of non-participation law.   In the meantime, however, I have errands to run:  I need some blueberries and nuts, a battery for my scale (even though I’m following this new trend of only measuring one’s waistline), and ingredients for a healthy sandwich and chili from my February 5 post. 

It’s funny how running out of walnuts and almonds has thrown my eating routines almost into chaos.  My normal mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks of the last few days have been either more fruit or more protein, or something that didn’t feel right for the moment.  I know it disrupted that great balance I had managed to maintain and the last two days my eating has been sporadic and not very well-planned. 

Yesterday I had a very late breakfast and then several hours later snacked on an apple and banana, then had some roast, carrots and a potato slice at my dad’s farm.   Result:  two oatmeal cookies after dinner.  They were so good, but just craving them (after all these weeks of not wanting sugar at all) told me that I better get it together.  Best to get a handle on it before I start eyeballing the Ben and Jerry’s at the grocery store. 

Oh, did I mention exercise?   I need an hour of exercise today.   With our impending rain/snow, I’m looking at my pilates dvds that I’m not sure I’ve ever actually watched.   So a pilates/stretching/dumbbells hour should cover it.   What exercises do you do when the weather is bad?

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I had a closer look at the Southwestern Chicken and White Bean Soup recipe from Cooking Light and changed several things about the recipe.   I cooked my version of it tonight and it was great!   The aromas were magnificent while it simmered and I couldn’t have asked for a better tasting soup.   Try it yourself!  Here’s my revised recipe:

3 medium chicken breasts, bakedWhite Beans, Green Chiles, Cilantro

48 oz. chicken broth

2 (16 oz.) cans white beans

1 (4 oz.) can green chiles

2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 T. white onion, chopped

2 T. dried oregano, crushed

2 t. cumin seed

Salt & pepper to taste and fresh cilantro for topping

Pour the chicken broth into a dutch oven.  Shred the chicken breasts and add to the broth.  Add the rest of the ingredients except for the salt, pepper, and cilantro.  Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 30 minutes or until the onions are clear.  Then salt and pepper to taste.  Serve hot with pieces of cilantro on top.

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Here we are in the middle of Week Three of my nutritional revamping, and I’m heading out to buy groceries and to visit a couple of local healthfood stores, time allowing.   This week I will be making my own soups and I am shying away from any precut, bagged vegetables.   I’ve found a few recipes I’ll be making this week:      

Cincinnati Turkey Chili from Cooking Light

Southwestern Chicken & White Bean Soup from Cooking Light

Artichoke & Ripe Olive Tuna Salad from Eating Well

I’ll still be having omelets for breakfast daily, nuts and fruits for snacks, soups and salads for all lunches, and meat with veggies for dinner.   I really do like the ease of having similar meals repeated, when all I have to consider is which vegetable I will throw into the omelet, soup, salad, or steamer.     Keeping a few different fruits on hand, and both almonds and walnuts handy, makes grabbing a snack totally harmless.   And when I have a really huge sugar craving, a big glass of blended juices satisfies me completely.   (Last week, I dipped into the 70% and 85% chocolate bars, but I never had more than 1 ounce of chocolate in a day — and not daily.)

So I’m off!  I’ll be back tonight to make one of the soups and let you know how delicious it is.

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