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Today was a special day in my family, the birthday of our beloved Mema, Shirley G., who is a grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, close friend and so much more to so many.   My Aunt Karen arranged for us all to surprise Mema at her home on my dad and stepmother’s farm today — we arrived in three cars total, with lunch by Karen and gifts in tow.   Karen’s plan went off without a hitch (minor bumbling on the way with our phones and iPads, but all worked out thanks to Sarah’s phone and driving skills) and Mema was completely surprised when we arrived.   We were so glad our close family friends Suellen, Leslie and Elle could join us!  

The meal by Karen was amazing, the flowers from Leslie were beautiful, and Suellen brought the most magnificent and delectable Italian Cream Cake.   Karen arranged for family members to email birthday wishes to Mema, and she had the messages printed out to present to her all tied up in a pretty bow.  

A fresh spring meal, the company of good friends and family, a trip to the farm and garden, and a celebration for one of our most favorite people in the world — what more could anyone want out of one day?   Thanks to Karen for putting it all together. 

Happy Birthday, Mema.


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(Plus spinach and honey)

Oh my – I certainly brewed up a concoction this afternoon!  You know how they say you can throw anything into a smoothie?  Well, you can, but you might not be able to drink it.  

So I saw a recipe to make a homemade lemonade with honey, hot water and lemons.  And a nice icy lemonade sounded really good to me.   The problem is balancing the lemony tartness and the honey sweetness.  Using four cups of hot water and two lemons, I added 5 tablespoons of honey and about 10 mint leaves.  When I tasted it the lemon tasted a little weak, so I squeezed another lemon into the mix, for a total of three lemons.  Then it was pretty tart, but I wasn’t about to use more than 5 tablespoons of honey, even though I knew this would be two smoothies.  So I squeezed a tangerine into the mix.

Then I poured half into the blender, added 1/2 a large kale leaf, two spinach leaves and ice.  After blending I tasted it and let’s just say it was less than stellar, still too lemony.   So I threw a banana in.  Hmmmm, interesting for sipping (if you catch my drift).  So then I threw 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries in. 

I have a smoothie here.  It’s passable.   I’m making myself drink it.  The lemon flavor is the dominant one – I need to just put a big ol’ spoon of sugar in it, but I hate to do that.   I’m saving the rest of it to maybe add strawberries to tomorrow.  This would have worked had I put more truly sweet fruits into it, but I’m fresh out and was using up what I had on hand.   To make this up to you, dear reader, I’m going to make Smoothie No. 5 later tonight.   

I’m blaming all of this on not having a good breakfast today.  ; )

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This smoothie was a last minute throw-together, and I was thinking tropical for some reason:

Banana Pineapple Tangerine Smoothie

2 c. fresh pineapple chunks
1 banana
2 tangerines, wedges removed from membranes
4 spinach leaves
ice (I used a couple of big handsful)

Blend and drink – it’s refreshing – the banana flavor comes through, but the others do, too.

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Today’s smoothie is my favorite so far. I just went into the kitchen, tossed the ingredients I had on hand into the blender and ended up with a glass full of frozen goodness.

1 banana
1 cup almond milk
1 big handful ice
2 T. peanut butter
2 T. carob chips

I use a vegan carob chip, but any chocolate would do here.   This has just the right balance of the banana, peanutbutter, and chocolate flavors.  I could blend up one of these when I had an ice cream craving and be totally happy.  Enjoy!

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I’M KICKING OFF SMOOTHIE WEEK at 14 Months to 50, bringing you delightful blender combos made by me or one of you!   Thanks to everyone who emailed smoothie recipes to me, or posted one on Facebook.   I appreciate you!

Today’s smoothie follows tradition by containing each of the following, which seem to make up a fruit smoothie blueprint: some fruit, a creamy thing, a frozen thing, and something-really-healthy-but-not-sweet you can sneak in.  

Strawberry Kale Smoothie

6 medium to large strawberries

1 banana

1/2 c. frozen blueberries

1/2 c. almond milk

1 large kale leaf, chopped

Toss in blender and drink!  This recipe makes one large glass of frozen yumminess.  I didn’t add anything to sweeten it, but you could add some agave or honey or maple syrup.   I thought the natural fruit flavors were refreshing.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more blender magic!

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