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I FORGOT TO POST MY list of walking music way back when (promises, promises).   So here it is, and you can tell I need to update the tunage a bit – I’ll get to that later – this is most of what I walk to these days:

Broken Bells:  The High Road, October, The Ghost Inside, Your Head is on Fire, Mongrel Heart

The Shins: So Says I, Kissing the Lipless, Saint Simon, On by One All Day, Girl on the Wing

Kasabian: Club Foot, Processed Beats, Reason is Treason, L.S.F., Cutt Off, Underdog, Vlad the Impaler, Fire

of Montreal:  Oslo in the Summertime

Blur:  Advert, Chemical World, Oily Water, Coping, When the Cows Come Home

Just a little bit of pop-ish happiness that keeps me boppin’ down the street.


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Last night I did the pilates fat burning workout for 40 minutes.  It’s a good workout — but not that interesting.  It’s very reminiscent of 1980’s aerobics moves, in fact they are the SAME moves, with very slight variations.  But that’s not the point, is it?  It burns calories and for that I am grateful.  After the dvd, I also did 10 minutes of jogging on my rebounder.

Today I’ll switch it up and do the pilates circle exercises then walk for forty minutes.  I’m seriously considering walking in the mall, after a friend suggested it yesterday.  I won’t show up there as a real mall walker in a dorky sweatsuit. (I am NOT a mall walker, I am NOT a mall walker.)   But I will show up as a shopper in walking shoes and just go around and around the mall.  Hmmmm . . .  anyway.   All those pretty things to look at . . . I can’t see the downside to it.   It’s just so cold here, in the thirties still.   I’ll have to arrange my route to avoid the aromas of the Mexican restaurant or those walking shoes might take me right inside to get a table.  This is one of those days when I woke up feeling full and I’ve only had liquids so far (juice and coffee) — not good.  I must make myself stick to my eating schedule.  I’m getting used to not being so full all the time, so feeling empty feels ok too.  But I know I need the nutrients and energy and really need to break this no eating habit.

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While my tea steeps, let me tell you about my plans for exercising.  I sat down and had a good look at my Windsor Pilates dvds last night.  They came with a book on how to use the various dvds to make workout plans.   One plan is the “Win-in-10 Maximum Body Sculpting,”  on a ten day schedule.  Two dvds are alternated:  the Accelerated Fat Burning Workout and the 20-Minute Circle Workout.   (For those of you out of the pilates loop, the “circle” is pictured below.)  The pilates dvds are paired with a period of walking each day.   On the days I do the fat burning workout, I only walk for 10 minutes, alternating days I will walk for 40 minutes.

Unlike some people, I don’t exercise in just any kind of weather.  So as long as it’s 25 degrees outdoors, I’ll be using my rebounder and jogging on it instead of walking.     Mmmm . . . I smell my cinnamon tea.

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I’ve been so caught up in the acts of blogging and networking, that my attempts at working out have been rather lame.  For instance, today I only jogged on my rebounder for 15 minutes and then did dumbbell exercises for 15 minutes.   I have no excuse (aside from the aforementioned time online).   Starting today, each night before I go to bed I have to say what exercise I did that day, even if it was none.   So tonight I hang my head in shame, as I log off and slink to my couch, thinking about how lazy I’ve been today.   But hey, I still have tomorrow to turn my life around, right?

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The Exercise TV website has 79 full-length free exercise videos.  Yep, that’s right.  I haven’t had a chance to look at any of them, I mean they are full length, but I will.  I was so excited, I just had to share. 

You can thank me later.

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I used these stretches after my run on the rebounder.   Before I did them I walked around the house a bit to lower my heart rate slowly.    Mama’s Health

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Fitness Supplies

I know exercise is a necessary evil and I am determined to conquer this beast.  To get all warm and fuzzy about it, I went around the house this morning and gathered up any exercise equipment or supplies I have.   I found fewer items than I expected to, because I’d forgotten about throwing out all the aerobics video tapes, and I guess I must have given away the huge gray five pound dumbbells when I bought the cute little orange ones.  There also appears to be a missing Pilates body band.  I have the packaging for it, but don’t recall owning it or ever using the thing, but I guess I must have.  (shrug)

So the current workout collection is as follows:  one rebounder, one floor mat, a set of five-pound dumbbells, a round metal thing with handles that must be for pilates, a series of pilates DVDs, and two wrist weights of unknown weight and origin.   I also have a folder of exercise articles that I have removed from magazines.   In the garage is my excellent and trusty hybrid bicycle.  I also have new running shoes, which I will use for walking.  And to keep me happy and distract me from the tedium of walking, my phone is loaded with great tunes.

We are still iced in here, day 5?  6?  It’s all fuzzy now — I hope we will see the sun soon.   Today I’ll do some warm up stretches, then jump around on my rebounder for at least 30 minutes in front of the TV.  I plan to follow that up with some more extensive stretching.   I should be able to stumble the 20 feet down the hall afterward (with those nice sturdy walls to support me) and let you know how I fared.

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