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This weekend I attempted to give a boost to my exercise and healthy living routines through shopping.   I picked up a couple of pieces of workout clothing, a new gym ball and dvd, an interesting little heart health kit from Dr. Andrew Weil.  (Non-contributing things bought were two pairs of shoes and a cute sweater from Eddie Bauer – you can’t keep a girl down.)

I’m totally excited about the gym ball — I did the dvd routine this morning and it was surprisingly strenuous.  I’ve been using it as a chair at my desk, too, which requires me to balance and use my leg muscles rather than just sit here like a lump.  I’ve found that I need to switch out to my regular chair after about an hour, more for the need to lean back and rest my back than anything to do with my legs.

I’ve been walking an hour every other day for a few weeks now, but it’s not enough.   I’m trying to add things to my daily life so that just living causes me to exercise.  I have my standing desk, too, which I hope to get painted this week so I can put it to use.   Between the ball sitting and the desk standing, maybe I can turn being at the computer all day into something a bit less sluggish.

I picked up two shirts for walking/biking.  One is just a cute brown hoodie, but made of very lightweight cotton, so I won’t have to worry about getting too hot.  It has a cool kind of hippy-ish flower print on the front and back, too.  The shirt I’m most excited about has pockets!  Woohoo!   It turns out that I do not own one single pair of gym shorts, workout pants, or any t-shirts or biking shirts with pockets.  So when I walk, I have my keys in my hand, or tucked into my waistband, which is not ideal.  Sometimes I take my phone, too, in case a nice photo op presents itself (you know, like a really still squirrel or nice tree blossoms – important stuff that must be blogged).    Shirts with pockets rock!!

The Healthy Heart Kit by Andrew Weil is in a nice little box and has a 52-page workout, 2 audio CDs and 25 heart health cards.  I just got it for fun and because it was on deep sale, since it’s been for sale for a couple of years.  But, it’s also kind of cool.   The cards are made up of six diet/exercise cards with varying topics.   Other card categories are heart inspirations, mind body, and self care.   That will be something fun to play with and look at when I need a boost from boredom. 

Tonight when the temps cool down a bit (expected high of 94 today), I’ll go for my regular walk.   And I did the ball workout already, so I feel good about today’s bit of exercise.   I announced today on Facebook that I want to lose 10 pounds by July, which means dietary restrictions for me.   The plan is to eat only fruits and veggies, and my two eggs for breakfast.   Which leaves me with my usual coffee dilemma.  Coffee = sugar in my world.  We’ll see how it goes — I think my best option would be an “every third day” plan or something similar, where I have coffee every few days as a treat. 

Wish me luck!  I’ll keep you posted on the success or failure of my weight loss over the next month.


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ALRIGHT, I WENT FOR MY WALK – 4 miles as planned.  Our temp is sooooo hot today!  It feels like 85, not sure what it really is.   The goal is to walk at least 4 miles every day for the next seven days.  I’m hoping that will get me into a good solid daily routine, not just for one week.   I have to report my walking here, to hold me to it. 

I have my new ipod shuffle for the tunage – it helps so much – and helps me keep the pace up.  I’m a fast walker anyway, but when I start to daydream I slow down.

Now I’m off to shower and eat dinner, watch Lost and V, go to Target for groceries and then . . . back to Twitter and eventually I will sleep!

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I’M SIPPING COFFEE AND GETTING my plan together for this week.  I’ve had smoothie recipes submitted via my facebook page — I’ll be making those all week and posting them here.  So perfect for these warm spring days!   I almost live on fruit in the summer, with such good seasonal variety available. 

We also have Cinco de Mayo in a few days!   Arriba!   I’m gathering some Mexican meal deliciousness for you (including cocktails).   Then next Sunday is Mother’s Day — I’ve already found a refreshing lemon drink made with honey, and a radicchio/goat cheese on crackers appetizer.   More about those later . . .

And about that exercise plan I started four months ago . . .  well, it’s really starting to take off!   My goal is to walk an entire hour every day this week, and you have to hold me to it, dear reader!    One hour every day, surely I can work that in.   I’ve also got a couple of walking websites to share along the way.  I’m trying out podcasts, too, so when I find one that is good enough for you, I’ll let you know.

If you aren’t involved in Twitter yet, I urge you to check it out.  You can start by following me and others in my network.   We talk about all of the things you are interested in:  health, fitness, some are vegetarian or vegan, and some are interested in the green lifestyle.   Create an account if you have the time – I find that a wealth of information flows over Twitter almost constantly.   If you do create a Twitter account and have questions, please email me at 14monthsto50@gmail.com or post your questions on my Facebook wall (click the Facebook button in the right-hand column) – others may have the same questions.

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I FORGOT TO POST MY list of walking music way back when (promises, promises).   So here it is, and you can tell I need to update the tunage a bit – I’ll get to that later – this is most of what I walk to these days:

Broken Bells:  The High Road, October, The Ghost Inside, Your Head is on Fire, Mongrel Heart

The Shins: So Says I, Kissing the Lipless, Saint Simon, On by One All Day, Girl on the Wing

Kasabian: Club Foot, Processed Beats, Reason is Treason, L.S.F., Cutt Off, Underdog, Vlad the Impaler, Fire

of Montreal:  Oslo in the Summertime

Blur:  Advert, Chemical World, Oily Water, Coping, When the Cows Come Home

Just a little bit of pop-ish happiness that keeps me boppin’ down the street.

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I’m playing with my phone and using it for pics, so here is my small display of shots from yesterday’s walk.

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Last night I did the pilates fat burning workout for 40 minutes.  It’s a good workout — but not that interesting.  It’s very reminiscent of 1980’s aerobics moves, in fact they are the SAME moves, with very slight variations.  But that’s not the point, is it?  It burns calories and for that I am grateful.  After the dvd, I also did 10 minutes of jogging on my rebounder.

Today I’ll switch it up and do the pilates circle exercises then walk for forty minutes.  I’m seriously considering walking in the mall, after a friend suggested it yesterday.  I won’t show up there as a real mall walker in a dorky sweatsuit. (I am NOT a mall walker, I am NOT a mall walker.)   But I will show up as a shopper in walking shoes and just go around and around the mall.  Hmmmm . . .  anyway.   All those pretty things to look at . . . I can’t see the downside to it.   It’s just so cold here, in the thirties still.   I’ll have to arrange my route to avoid the aromas of the Mexican restaurant or those walking shoes might take me right inside to get a table.  This is one of those days when I woke up feeling full and I’ve only had liquids so far (juice and coffee) — not good.  I must make myself stick to my eating schedule.  I’m getting used to not being so full all the time, so feeling empty feels ok too.  But I know I need the nutrients and energy and really need to break this no eating habit.

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