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Well, let’s see, what am I eating these days?   I am eating mostly vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, but light on the grains.  I try very hard to eat as many organic foods as possible.   I am having coffee a few times a week, with either raw sugar or agave nectar in it, as well as skim milk or almond milk.  I have to say, coffee with agave nectar and almond milk is a different coffee to be sure, but it does taste good.  It’s just a different good.  I also eat an ounce of chocolate on occasion, 70% of course.  And I’ve had some popcorn here and there this week, cooked on the stove in canola oil, salted with sea salt. 

And I would say that is pretty much all I eat, other than an occasional trip around town to one of the approved restaurants in which I am willing to dine.   And I have to say I have come up with some excellent restaurant meals at places I definitely trust to serve good fresh food. 

I have to hit the sack now — super sleepy.  I sleep very well these days and when I hit that wall, I hit it hard.  See you tomorrow, my friends.


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I went in search of a little cable for my phone that will connect to a USB port, for data transfer, and instead ended up with a 1/2″ wide, 2 gig memory card for my phone.   I remember when it was a huge thing to have a gig of memory on your computer — but of course I do, I’ll be 50 in 14 months!  All of this phone related shopping was the result of a few attempts to take pics of my meals while dining out.

Yesterday I met with a friend for lunch at Misal of India, our local fav for Indian food.  There is a photo on my phone of the meal that will never see the internet, unless of course the electronic gods smile on me this morning and I can figure out how to move it to that new little memory card.

My second attempt at restaurant photography was yesterday evening, while out to dinner with another friend at Pepe Delgado’s, a local Mexican restaurant that only uses the freshest ingredients.  (This is not your mother’s Mexican food.   For years I’ve ordered the veggie tacos there.)   But as I took the photo of my plate last night, the phone beeped that my battery was dead, so . . . . my handy memory card will save the day for future pics, as long as I remember to charge the phone battery.

I think I should go back to those restaurants as soon as possible, for photography’s sake, right?

UPDATE:  I did get the pic onto the memory card – yay!- and there it is, above.  It’s a bit fuzzy but my phone photography skills will hopefully improve.  To make up for the bad pic, here are some Indian food links for when you want to play in the kitchen:

Indian Food Forever

Indian Food on About.com  Look for the helpful index of terms on this one.

And let me know if you cook any Indian food!

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